Historical information on Wirtshaus zum Pferdemarkt

Our hotel and restaurant are located in the centre of the historic old town of Saarburg, in a quiet location inside a pedestrian zone. Located inside this approximately 200 year-old building is the restaurant (approx. 55 seats) with vaulted cellar (approx. 39 seats), as well as the hotel with 11 rooms and 22 beds, which opened in June 1998.

The hotel rooms are completely modern and fitted with shower, toilet and colour TV. The elegant facilities provide an unusual and cosy ambience. The building was lovingly restored and renovated by hand from 1997 to 1998.

Wirtshaus zum Pferdemarkt

The brickwork of this house has been left as it was originally constructed. Beneath the plaster in the restaurant and the vaulted cellar, we discovered by chance masonry predominantly made of sandstone blocks, mingled with stones from the surrounding area such as Roman bricks, chopped-up columns from Roman times, slate and other stones. Where today the impish Bacchus stands was previously an open fire.

In the vaulted cellar you can see the foundations of a watchtower, possibly that of the Leuk tower. The tower was so called after the Leuk stream which flows along past the side of the house, leading to a waterfall. The tower is supposed to have been a toll gate in the Middle Ages.

The works to expose the brickwork and clean the stones were done exclusively by hand, so that the original character of the stones has been retained. Polish specialists worked for more than 3,600 hours on approximately 200 square metres of wall surface.

The Bous family